Three Great Benefits of Pool Fencing

The summer season is the best time to head out and have fun waddling under the sun. Most people go to the beach while others lounge by the poolside at their own home.

If you’re one of the many homeowners who have a pool area, it will be highly beneficial to install a pool fence. Here are three amazing benefits that you can get when you install pool fencing here in Melbourne.

Lesser risk of accidents

Pool fences serve as an added layer of protection especially when you have children running around your home. You can rest easy knowing that your little ones have no access to the deeper end of the pool.

Eastside Fencing’s glass and Tubular Steel pool fences are measured to be at least 1200mm high which are high and safe enough to prevent children climbing on to them and any gates will include self-closing hinges a child-safe latch to further childproof certain areas of the pool.

Added aesthetic

Some people might think adding pool fences will make the area look too cramped. The truth is sometimes the material just doesn’t go well with the home’s overall aesthetic look!

Modern pool fences today can be manufactured from different materials, such as glass, timber, aluminium and steel. Eastside Fencing’s tubular steel fences, for instance come in a range of colours and styles to suit your home and our Frameless or semi frameless glass pool fences will suit any property old or new.

Affordable investment

Aside from the main purpose of pool fences, having one can also increase your home’s profitability. Let’s face it: everyone likes a consistently designed house. What’s more is considering the safety!

Homeowners that are looking to sell their houses in the future will have an easier time renovating their house once it’s time to spruce up their home and increase its resale potential. If you install these types of safety measures in your house, finding the right buyer for your property will be a breeze.

Pool fencing is a great investment that adds an extra layer of security to your home. For all your fencing needs, choose Eastside Fencing. Our team of seasoned professionals will be more than happy to guide you and give you the best fencing solutions to your home. For enquiries, contact us today at 03 8802 0402.

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