Timber Fencing: Treated Pine Paling

Mark your territory with your new Treated Pine Paling Fence. Although most commonly used as a side or back boundary fence, you may also choose to block out unsightly areas (such as the back of a garage), simply create a wing fence and gate inside your property (adjoining your house), or design something that will look fresh and stylish as a front feature fence.


Height Range

From 1.65 to 2.7metres


Select from your choice of:

  • 125x75mm Mixed Species Hardwood (Class 1 or 2)
  • 120x120mm Dressed Cypress Posts with Pointed Tops (feature paling fence only)
  • Set in 600-700mm deep holes with 10kg cement/soil mix.

Plinth Boards

Select from your choice of:

  • 150x25mm Sawn Treated Pine.
  • 150x38mm Sawn Treated Pine.
  • 200x50mm Sawn Treated Pine.


  • 75x50mm Sawn Treated Pine
  • You may require 3 or 4 Rails – depending on the height of your palings.


  • 150x12mm Sawn Treated Pine Base Palings at 40mm gaps, with 100x12mm Sawn Treated Pine Cover Palings.


Select from your choice of:

  • 90x35mm Treated Pine Gable Capping
  • Handrail Capping.


You can create more height, and add decorative touches to your new Paling Fence.

with your choice of three styles of Lattice.

Select from your choice of:


  • 600mm
  • 900mm


  • 65mm Square Bullnose Lattice
  • 45mm Square Bullnose Lattice
  • Woven Lattice

Please note – Your posts will extend to the full height of your fence, with rail support at the top and bottom of your Lattice sheet.

Standard Treated Pine Paling Fence

Treated Pine Paling Fence with Capping


Feature Treated Pine Paling Fence with Exposed Pointed Posts and Capping

Treated Pine Paling Fence with 45mm Square Bullnose Lattice and Full Height Posts

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