Woven Wire Fences

Complete your front fence line on your classical ‘old-fashioned’ property with a classic Woven Wire Fence, expertly installed by Eastside Fencing. You’ll achieve a secure entry that not only looks fabulous, but that also allows your feature front garden to be viewed from the street for all to see.

Select your Woven Wire Fence Materials from:

Feature Posts

120x120mm Dressed Cypress Posts with a shaped top, or capital, at both ends of your property, and/or either side of your front gate

Support Posts

120x70mm Dressed Cypress Posts – placed 2.4metres apart, in-between your feature posts

Plinth Boards

140x35mm Kiln-dried Treated Pine

140x45mm Kiln-dried Treated Pine

190x35mm Kiln-dried Treated Pine

190x45mm Kiln-dried Treated Pine


70x45mm Kiln-dried Treated Pine x1 only

Woven Wire –

Supplied by Emu Wire.

Make your choice from available heights of 950mm, 1100mm, or 1250mm

A Variety of Woven Wire colours may be viewed on the Emu Wire website

Select your gate style on the Emu Wire website also.

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